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Qualified graphic designer and self confessed fitness lover. I use tumblr to motivate me and get me to the gym day in and day out. As of the 10/06/2013 I started a serious lifestyle diet change. One the will bring me to my goals I wish to achieve. Find me on instagram and myfitnesspal @aimeeleighb

SW: 64.5kg (8/06/13)
CW: 62.8kg
AW: 61kg (by 11/07/13)
GW: 58kg (6/12/13)
DW: 56kg

Finally over the hardcore cravings. Yea I have a moment where I’m like awwww I could really go some ice cream or cake. But it passes pretty fast. I’ve figured out I have those cravings when I’m hungry. Just gotta learn to trick the brain to remember to make nutrious choices and not automatically go where’s the chocolate.

Wow this is actually going by so fast now. Each day is getting easier. Although I did have a cappuccino yesterday and today. No sugar in it, but it did have milk. Bit annoyyed at myself, but I went extra hard at the gym and I still feel amazing. 

Just gotta drink more water. 

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Wow 10days has gone by already on strict paleo

To be honest, 10 days ago I was scared shit less I would fail and not even be able to get through 1 week of not eating chocolate or anything non-paleo. But 10 days boy have I been totally wrong.

I haven’t had one thing wrong in this lifestyle change so i’m proud of myself there and to be honest that has been the easy part. Today someone at work brought in jelly beans and I honestly couldn’t even imagine the taste of them. I had no craving to even look at them let alone eat one.

But what I will share is that, the challenge for me is turning quickly into a emotional battle. Something like a roller coaster. One day I’m feeling on top of the world and so motivated and really quite strong. Then the next minute I’m depressed, angry, upset feeling fat and my head is just telling ‘wtf are you doing your so shit at everything you do.’ when normally Im such a positive person always looking at the glass half full.

I do remember my doctor telling me last month something along the lines of breaking a sugar addiction is comparable and to that of a heroin addict. I guess I’m going through the same symptoms. Well everything I have read on the net I am. I’ve been getting the shakes, headaches, been moody, cried for no reason, at times i’ve felt dis-orientated and my level of concentration has been all over the shot. Which is frustrating because in my field of work mistakes was valued time. And fatigue, well I wont even go there.

I’m normally super positive about everything and not much breaks me but the last few days have been one of the toughest mental games of my life. Exercise and eating right have been easy.

Its funny how when you start a journey it can turn into something you would never of expected so quickly.

Like even writing this I started out wanting to cry and now I just want to punch a wall.

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Been eating strict Paleo for one week now. Man the first few days were rather tough in the afternoons. BUT, omg I feel amazing and its been so worth it. My stomach feels awesome. I don’t feel all heavy and bloated. I haven’t been on the scales or measured myself as your not allowed to during the 30 days but I can feel it in my body I’ve already lost weight. 

So happy. I’m also much my motivated, happy and buzzing on life! I did find yesterday a little tough as I hadn’t meal prepped anything at all. So when lunch time came around I sort of freaked out and was like argggggh what am I going to eat? I soon found something that’s for sure

My arvo snack was two bananas with Brazilian, Cashew and Almond Butter spread on top. SOOOO GOOD! Definitely my new favorite snack. Better than chocolate. hehehe


Started my paleo challenge for 30days on the 2/9/2013.

First day was easy! I was on a high and amped to do it! I ate clean, healthy and trained really well.

Second day in…mmmm yea was pretty good although around 3pm at work all I wanted wass something unhealthy, something junky or something with chocolate. I fought through it came out the otherside.

And today… OMG. first 3 hours at work I could hardly stare at the computer. My vision was so blurred I felt like I was off balance and I kinda felt drunk. So strange. I can only put it down to Im detoxing. and again I had those 3pm cravings and again I pushed through it!

Im so happy and motivated with how I am going! Can’t wait to achieve my goals and see how I have gone at the end of 30days!

Tomorrow is Monday. I’ve eaten crap for the last week. I now feel rubbish. Time to get back on top of it!!

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